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orange-multitarget / _multitarget / __init__.py

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The following example uses a simple multi-target data set (generated with
:download:`generate_multitarget.py <code/generate_multitarget.py>`) to show
some basic functionalities (part of
:download:`multitarget.py <code/multitarget.py>`).

.. literalinclude:: code/multitarget.py
    :lines: 1-6

Multi-target learners can build prediction models (classifiers)
which then predict (multiple) class values for a new instance (continuation of
:download:`multitarget.py <code/multitarget.py>`):

.. literalinclude:: code/multitarget.py
    :lines: 8-


from pkg_resources import resource_filename
def datasets():
    yield ('multitarget', resource_filename(__name__, 'datasets'))

import Orange
# Other algorithms which also work with multitarget data
#from Orange.regression import earth

# Multi-target algorithms
import tree
import chain
import binary
import neural
import scoring
import pls