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File _multitarget/

         Maximal depth of tree.
+    .. attribute:: method
+        The method used when chosing attributes while building the learner. The parameters should be supplied as either an integer (from 0 to 3) 
+        or with Orange.multitarget.tree. followed by the name of the measure (as shown in the examples below). Possible choices are:
+            * inter_distance (default) - Euclidean distance between centroids of clusters
+            * intra_distance - average Euclidean distance of each member of a cluster to the centroid of that cluster
+            * silhouette - silhouette ( measure calculated with euclidean distances
+            * gini_index - calculates the Gini-gain index, should be used with class variables with nominal values
     .. attribute:: skip_prob
         At every split an attribute will be skipped with probability ``skip_prob``.

File rdt_requirements

 -e hg+