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Wrapper for constructing multi-target learners

This module also contains a wrapper, an auxilary learner, that can be used
to construct simple multi-target learners from standard learners designed
for data with a single class. The wrapper uses the specified base learner
to construct independent models for each class.

.. index:: MultitargetLearner
.. autoclass:: Orange.multitarget.MultitargetLearner

.. index:: MultitargetClassifier
.. autoclass:: Orange.multitarget.MultitargetClassifier


The following example uses a simple multi-target data set (generated with
:download:` <code/>`) to show
some basic functionalities (part of
:download:` <code/>`).

.. literalinclude:: code/
    :lines: 1-6

Multi-target learners can build prediction models (classifiers)
which then predict (multiple) class values for a new instance (continuation of
:download:` <code/>`):

.. literalinclude:: code/
    :lines: 8-


import Orange

# Other algorithms which also work with multitarget data
from Orange.regression import pls
from Orange.regression import earth

import tree
import chain
import binary
import neural

class MultitargetLearner(Orange.classification.Learner):
    Wrapper for multitarget problems that constructs independent models
    of a base learner for each class variable.

    .. attribute:: learner

        The base learner used to learn models for each class.

    def __new__(cls, learner, data=None, weight=0, **kwargs):
        self = Orange.classification.Learner.__new__(cls, **kwargs)
        if data:
            self.__init__(learner, **kwargs)
            return self.__call__(data, weight)
            return self
    def __init__(self, learner, **kwargs):

        :param learner: Base learner used to construct independent
                        models for each class.

        self.learner = learner

    def __call__(self, data, weight=0):
        Learn independent models of the base learner for each class.

        :param data: Multitarget data instances (with more than 1 class).
        :type data: :class:``

        :param weight: Id of meta attribute with weights of instances
        :type weight: :obj:`int`

        :rtype: :class:`Orange.multitarget.MultitargetClassifier`

        if not data.domain.class_vars:
            raise Exception('No classes defined.')
        domains = [, y)
                   for y in data.domain.class_vars]
        classifiers = [self.learner(, data), weight)
                       for dom in domains]
        return MultitargetClassifier(classifiers=classifiers, domains=domains)
    def __reduce__(self):
        return type(self), (self.learner,), dict(self.__dict__)

class MultitargetClassifier(Orange.classification.Classifier):
    Multitarget classifier that returns a list of predictions from each
    of the independent base classifiers.

    .. attribute classifiers

        List of individual classifiers for each class.

    def __init__(self, classifiers, domains):
        self.classifiers = classifiers = domains

    def __call__(self, instance, return_type=Orange.core.GetValue):
        :param instance: Instance to be classified.
        :type instance: :class:``

        :param return_type: One of
            :class:`Orange.classification.Classifier.GetProbabilities` or

        predictions = [c(, instance), return_type)
                       for c, dom in zip(self.classifiers,]
        return zip(*predictions) if return_type == Orange.core.GetBoth \
               else predictions

    def __reduce__(self):
        return type(self), (self.classifiers,, dict(self.__dict__)