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.. index:: Clustering Tree Learner

Clustering Tree Learner

:obj:`ClusteringTreeLearner` is an implementation of classification and regression
trees, based on the :obj:`SimpleTreeLearner`. It is implemented in C++ for speed and low memory usage.
Features are selected by finding the furthest apart clusters measured with the euclidean distance between prototypes, 
which are the means of clusters.

:obj:`ClusteringTreeLearner` was developed for speeding up the construction
of random forests, but can also be used as a standalone tree learner.

.. class:: ClusteringTreeLearner

    .. attribute:: min_majority

        Minimal proportion of the majority class value each of the class variables has to reach
        to stop induction (only used for classification). 

    .. attribute:: min_MSE

        Minimal mean squared error each of the class variables has to reach
        to stop induction (only used for regression). 

    .. attribute:: min_instances

        Minimal number of instances in leaves. Instance count is weighed.

    .. attribute:: max_depth

        Maximal depth of tree.

    .. attribute:: skip_prob

        At every split an attribute will be skipped with probability ``skip_prob``.
        Useful for building random forests.

    .. attribute:: random_generator
        Provide your own :obj:`Orange.misc.Random`.


:obj:`ClusteringTreeLearner` can be used on its own or in a random forest, below are
examples of usage.

.. literalinclude:: code/


from Orange.core import ClusteringTreeLearner, ClusteringTreeClassifier

#distance methods for easier access
inter_distance = 0
intra_distance = 1
silhouette = 2
gini_index = 3

if __name__ == '__main__':
    import Orange

    data ='multitarget-synthetic')
    print 'Actual classes:\n', data[0].get_classes()
    majority = Orange.classification.majority.MajorityLearner()
    mt_majority = Orange.multitarget.binary.BinaryRelevanceLearner(learner=majority)
    c_mtm = mt_majority(data)
    print 'Majority predictions:\n', c_mtm(data[0])

    mt_tree = ClusteringTreeLearner()
    c_mtt = mt_tree(data)
    print 'Multi-target Tree predictions:\n', c_mtt(data[0])