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orange-network / orangecontrib / network / __init__.py

Aleš Erjavec 079dcb2 

Network Classes in Orange

Orange network classes provide methods for graph manipulation,
network analysis, and layout optimization. They are derived from
`NetworkX basic graph types <http://networkx.lanl.gov/reference/classes.html>`_
and :obj:`Orange.network.BaseGraph`.

We support four graph types: :obj:`Orange.network.Graph`,
:obj:`Orange.network.DiGraph`, :obj:`Orange.network.MultiGraph`, and
:obj:`Orange.network.MultiDiGraph`. Choose the graph type that matches the
structure of the graph you wish to represent.


Reading and Writing Networks

Network class reads and writes Pajek (.net), GML, and gpickle file formats.

:download:`network-read-nx.py <code/network-read-nx.py>`:

.. literalinclude:: code/network-read.py
    :lines: 5-6
Visualize Networks in Net Explorer Widget

To display a network in Net Explorer widget write:

part of :download:`network-widget.py <code/network-widget.py>`

.. literalinclude:: code/network-widget.py
    :lines: 10-16
.. image:: files/network-explorer.png
    :width: 100%


from pkg_resources import resource_filename
def networks():
    yield ('', resource_filename(__name__, 'networks'))

import networkx as nx

from network import *

import community
import snap