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Network Name	Network File	dir	Item Set	Edge Set	Vertices	Edges	Date	Description
string	string	string	string	string	continuous	continuous	string	string
Air traffic network	doc/datasets/	""	749	7688	4/12/2010	Nodes represent airports. Two nodes are connected if a direct flight between them exists.
Leukemia genes connected by PubMed co-reference	doc/datasets/	""	253	1360	4/12/2010	The gene similarities are calculated based on common reference in articles form the PubMed using the Jaccard index. Two genes are similar if they are referenced together in several PubMed articles. The similarity threshold was set to 0.5.
Similar music artists	doc/datasets/	""	1239	7926	4/12/2010	Nodes represent music artists. Two artists are connected if they are in the top 5 similar artist list on the internet radio.
PPI network	doc/datasets/	""	132	242	4/12/2010	Protein-protein interaction network: theleukemia genes were connected into the network based on their protein interactions from the MIPS mammalian protein-protein interaction database. In addition, we used the biological function similarity score for placing the interacting protein components based on the similar biological functions of the proteins comprising them.
Leukemia genes connected by Huttenhower score	doc/datasets/	""	240	446	4/12/2010	The similarity between genes as computed by Huttenhower et al., 2009 using the information on all publicly available gene expression and protein interaction data, combined with prior knowledge from the Gene Ontology, KEGG, HPRD and other biological data bases. The threshold for similarity was set to 0.999.
D. discoideum gene publication network	doc/datasets/	385	6394	4/12/2010	Network from Dictyostelium discoideum gene and publication data. It contains nodes of two types: genes and MeSH terms. Edges connect: genes that were cited in similar publications, MeSH terms that were used to annotate the same publications, and genes to MeSH terms which were used to annotate publications citing the genes.
Leukemia genes connected by biological function	doc/datasets/	""	72	146	4/12/2010	The similarity of the genes relates to their biological functions and was calculated based on their membership in canonical biological pathways using the Jaccard index. The information on the membership of genes in biological pathways was acquired from the Molecular Signature Database