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Added new style widget meta description.

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 from OWWidget import *
 import OWGUI
+NAME = "Reliability"
+DESCRIPTION = "Estimate the reliability of learners."
+CATEGORY = "Evaluate"
+ICON = "icons/Reliability.svg"
+INPUTS = [("Learner", Orange.core.Learner, "set_learner"),
+          ("Training Data",, "set_train_data"),
+          ("Test Data",, "set_test_data")]
+OUTPUTS = [("Reliability Scores",]
+REPLACES = ["_reliability.widgets.OWReliability.OWReliability"]
 class OWReliability(OWWidget):
     settingsList = ["variance_checked", "bias_checked", "bagged_variance",
         "local_cv", "local_model_pred_error", "bagging_variance_cn", 
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