Matija Polajnar avatar Matija Polajnar committed 469af3a

Make plots nicer, along with axis reversal to make them like the ones in Pevec's paper.

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     return rels, acc
-def acc_rel_plot(method, data, learner, file_name="acc_rel_plot.png", colors=None):
+def rel_acc_plot(rels, acc, file_name=None, colors=None):
     import matplotlib.pylab as plt
+    if colors is None:
+        colors = "k"
+    plt.scatter(rels, acc, c=colors)
+    plt.xlim(0.,1.)
+    plt.ylim(ymin=0.)
+    plt.xlabel("Reliability")
+    plt.ylabel("Accuracy")
+    if file_name is None:
+    else:
+        plt.savefig(file_name)
+def rel_acc_compute_plot(method, data, learner, file_name=None, colors=None):
     rels, acc = get_acc_rel(method, data, learner)
-    print "rels", rels
-    print "acc", acc
-    if colors is None:
-        colors = "k"
-    plt.scatter(acc, rels, c=colors)
-    plt.xlim(0.,1.)
-    plt.ylim(ymin=0.)
-    plt.savefig(file_name)
+    el_acc_plot(acc, rels, file_name=file_name, colors=colors)
 def acc_rel_correlation(method, data, learner):
     import scipy.stats
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