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Orange Text Mining documentation

Orange Text Mining is an add-on for Orange_ data mining software package. It
extends Orange by providing common functionality for basic tasks in text

Add-on was developed in cooperation with Bojana Dalbelo Bašić, Saša Petrović,
Frane Šarić, Mladen Kolar (all Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing,
University of Zagreb, Croatia), Annie Morin (IRISA, Université Rennes 1,
Rennes, France), and Jean-Hugues Chauchat (Université Lyon, ERIC-Lyon2, Bron
Cedex, France).

.. _Orange:


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Scripting Reference
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To install Text Mining add-on for Orange from PyPi_ run::

    pip install Orange-Text

To install it from source code run::

    python install

To build Python egg run::

    python bdist_egg

To install add-on in `development mode`_ run::

    python develop

.. _development mode:
.. _PyPi:

Source Code and Issue Tracker

Source code is available on Bitbucket_. For issues and wiki we use Trac_.

.. _Bitbucket:
.. _Trac:

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