Anonymous committed 413e2b0 Makefile.depends generation bugfix.

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                                 objs.append( objfname)
                 objs = " ".join(objs)
                 f.write(" %s\n" % (, objs))
-                f.write("\t$(LINKER) $(LINKOPTIONS) %s -o" % (objs, os.path.join("..",
+                f.write("\t$(LINKER) $(LINKOPTIONS) %s -o\n" % (objs, os.path.join("..",
                 f.write("ifeq ($(OS), Darwin)\n")
-                f.write("\tinstall_name_tool -id $(DESTDIR)/" % (, os.path.join("..",
+                f.write("\tinstall_name_tool -id $(DESTDIR)/\n" % (, os.path.join("..",
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