orange-text / _text / widgets / prototypes /

Diff from to


-from OWWidget import *
-from OWCorrAnalysisGraph import *
-import OWGUI, OWToolbars, OWColorPalette
-import orngCA
+from __future__ import absolute_import
+import os
 from numpy import *
-from OWToolbars import ZoomSelectToolbar
+from Orange.orng import orngCA
+from Orange.OrangeWidgets.OWWidget import *
+from Orange.OrangeWidgets import OWGUI, OWToolbars, OWColorPalette
+from Orange.OrangeWidgets.OWToolbars import ZoomSelectToolbar
-    import orngText
+    from .. import orngText
 except Exception:
 textCorpusModul = 1
-    from orngTextCorpus import CategoryDocument, checkFromText
+    # TODO: Missing?
+    from ..orngTextCorpus import CategoryDocument, checkFromText
 except ImportError:
     textCorpusModul = 0
 except Exception:
     textCorpusModul = 0
-import os
+from .OWCorrAnalysisGraph import *
 def checkFromText(data):
 if __name__=="__main__":
     #from orngTextCorpus import *
-    import cPickle, orngText
+    import cPickle
+    from .. import orngText
 ##    os.chdir("/home/mkolar/Docs/Diplomski/repository/orange/OrangeWidgets/Other/")
     appl = QApplication(sys.argv)
     ow = OWCorrAnalysis()
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