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Porter Stemmer Support

  1. harshitdubey avatarharshitdubey

Added support for using porter stemmer to existing text mining add-on

Comments (6)

    1. harshitdubey author

      Question regarding licensing of the code have been answered by the developer and he quotes that "The software is completely free for any purpose, unless notes at the head of the program text indicates otherwise (which is rare). In any case, the notes about licensing are never more restrictive than the BSD License."

      It is clearly mentioned in the following url (from where i have taken the code) http://tartarus.org/~martin/PorterStemmer/

    1. harshitdubey author

      Ok, I was not able to figure out that porter stemmer has already been implemented. As it is in C++ , it is supposed to be faster then the python version.

        1. harshitdubey author

          I had read the documentation before integration (located in doc/modules) but the description of lemmatize() function did not mentioned that it uses porter stemmer for english language.

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