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<title>Orange Documentation</title>
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<H1>Orange Documentation</H1>

<p>A collection of white papers, tutorials and reference guides is
available for Orange. Orange widget catalog is in preparation, and to
get a feeling how it will look like browse through the paper on Orange
widgets for functional genomics.</p>

<h2 TOC=0>White Papers</h2>

<dt><a href="/orange/wp/orange.pdf">Orange: From Experimental Machine
Learning to Interactive Data Mining</a></dt>
<dd>This is a core white paper to Orange, and gives some basic ideas
of its design, architecture and history.</dd>

<dt><a href="/orange/wp/orange widgets.pdf">Orange Widgets</a></dt>
<dd>A white paper on Orange widgets gives a brief overview of how our
visual programming interface with GUI components we call widgets are
used to do explorative data analysis and visually construct
applications of your need.</dd>

<dt><a href="/orange/wp/mac orange.pdf">Installation for Mac OS</a></dt>
<dd>An installation guide for Orange on Mac OS X.</dd>

<dt><a href="/orange/wp/orange genomics.pdf">Orange Widgets for
Functional Genomics</a></dt>
<dd>A tutorial-style catalog of Orange widgets we have developed to
fit some tasks in functional genomics, with emphasis on microarray
data analysis, GO gene annotation, and gene mapping.</dd>


<h2 TOC=0>On-Line Reference and Tutorials</h2>

<P>The documentation posted on the web is updated from the CVS in
real-time and refers to the latest snapshot of Orange. If you encounter
any inconsistencies please compare the standalone documentation with the
one on the web.</P>


<dt><a href="ofb/default.htm">Orange for Beginners</a></dt>
<dd>If you are new to Orange, and are interesting in scripting in
Python, this is where you should start.</dd>

<dt><a href="reference/default.htm">Orange Reference Guide</a></dt>
<dd>This is the core reference guide to Orange. It describes the basic
data structures used in Orange (such as examples, attributes...),
preprocessing, learning and classifying etc.</dd>

<dt><a href="modules/default.htm">Orange Modules</a></dt>
<dd>An average user will mostly call Orange through specialized <a
href="modules/default.htm">Orange modules</a>. Each module covers a
specific task (discretization, feature subset selection, sampling,
assessing models quality) or learning method.</dd>

<dt><a href="widgets/default.htm">Orange Widgets</a></dt>
<dd>This is a tutorial that should help you start writing your own
widgets. Widgets are often quite simple pieces of code, consisting of
few hundred lines. They are easy to build and may offer quite a
satisfaction when used in interaction with other widgets in Orange.</dd>

<h2 TOC=0>Flyers</h2>

<dt><a href="/orange/wp/orange-leaflet.pdf">Orange</a></dt>
<dd>Two pages about Orange data mining framework.</dd>

<dt><a href="/orange/wp/orange-leaflet-scripting.pdf">Orange
<dd>In brief about scripting in Python for machine learning and data

<dt><a href="/orange/wp/orange-leaflet-visual.pdf">Orange Visual
<dd>Starter for visual programming in Orange, Orange widgets and data
mining schemas.</dd>