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<title>Letter n-grams</title>
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<h1>Letter n-grams</h1>

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<p>Construct the letter n-grams representation of documents.</p>



<DL class=attributes>
<DT>Examples (ExampleTable)</DT>
<dd>Attribute-valued data set.</dd>

<DL class=attributes>
<DT>Examples (ExampleTable)</DT>
<DD>Attribute-valued data set with letter n-grams as metaatributes.</DD>


<p>The letter n-grams widget constructs the representation of documents using
letter n-grams. Letter n-grams are sequences of n consecutive letters that appear
in the text. Same as in the bag of words widget, text features (in this case letter
n-grams) are added as metaatributes to documents. The value corresponding to a
metaatribute is the frequency of that metaatribute (letter n-gram) in the
particular document. In the Ngram size box it is possible to choose the number
of consecutive letters that are taken as features. It is possible to choose letter
n-grams of two, three, or four letters. The number of different letter n-grams in
the entire collection is shown on the bottom of the widget.</p>

<a href="LetterNgram.png"><img class="schema" src="LetterNgram.png" alt="Letter n-grams widget"></a>


<p>Below is a simple example how to use this widget. The input is fed
directly from the <a href="TextFile.htm">Text file</a> widget, and the output
is sent to the <a href="TextFeatureSelection.htm">Feature selection</a> widget.</p>

<a href="LetterNgram-Example.png"><img src="LetterNgram-Example.png" alt="Schema with LetterNgram"