Aleš Erjavec  committed 0029490

Workaround for a broken layout with OSX unified title bar.

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File Orange/OrangeCanvas/application/

+        if self.__macUnified:
+            # Need some sensible size otherwise mac unified toolbar 'takes'
+            # the space that should be used for layout of the contents
+            self.adjustSize()
     def addTab(self, widget, text, toolTip=None, icon=None):
         if self.__macUnified:
             action = QAction(text, self)
         self.__loop = None
         return status
-    def showEvent(self, event):
-        sh = self.centralWidget().sizeHint()
-        self.resize(sh)
-        return QMainWindow.showEvent(self, event)
     def hideEvent(self, event):
         QMainWindow.hideEvent(self, event)
         if self.__loop is not None: