Matija Polajnar avatar Matija Polajnar committed 0c1237e

addons dialog bugfix: it used to crash on uninitialized add-ons list if there was already an add-on installed

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             import orngEnviron
             addon = self.getAddOnFromItem(item)
         if addon:
-            self.lblDescription.setText(addon.summary.strip() +"\n"+ addon.description.strip())
-            self.lblVerAvailValue.setText(addon.available_version)
+            self.lblDescription.setText((addon.summary.strip() or "") +"\n"+ (addon.description.strip() or ""))
+            self.lblVerAvailValue.setText(addon.available_version or "")
-            self.lblVerInstalledValue.setText(addon.installed_version if addon.installed_version else "-") #TODO Tell whether it's a system-wide installation
+            self.lblVerInstalledValue.setText(addon.installed_version or "-") #TODO Tell whether it's a system-wide installation
             self.upgradeButton.setVisible(bool(addon.installed_version and addon.installed_version!=addon.available_version) and not in self.to_upgrade) #TODO Disable if it's a system-wide installation
             self.donotUpgradeButton.setVisible( in self.to_upgrade)
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