Aleš Erjavec avatar Aleš Erjavec committed 18e7af9

Removed no longer needed dependencies in OSX application bundle.

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 chmod +x ${APP}/Contents/MacOS/Orange
-# First install/upgrade distrubute. The scripts might
-# need it
-echo "Installing/upgrading distribute in the bundle"
-echo "============================================="
-$EASY_INSTALL -U distribute
 echo "Checkouting and building orange"
 echo "==============================="
 echo "==================================="
 ./ text tip $REPOS_DIR ${APP}
-echo "Installing networkx"
-echo "+++++++++++++++++++"
-./ networkx-1.6 $REPOS_DIR ${APP}
-echo "Installing suds library"
-echo "+++++++++++++++++++++++"
-./ suds-0.4 $REPOS_DIR ${APP}
 echo "Instaling slumber library"
 echo "+++++++++++++++++++++++++"
 $EASY_INSTALL slumber
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