Aleš Erjavec committed 2623f25

A temporary fix for QTBUG-32789 (wrong system font on OSX-Mavericks).

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File Orange/OrangeCanvas/

         return False
+def fix_osx_10_9_private_font():
+    """Temporary fix for QTBUG-32789."""
+    from PyQt4.QtCore import QSysInfo
+    if sys.platform == "darwin":
+        try:
+            if QSysInfo.MacintoshVersion > QSysInfo.MV_10_8:
+                QFont.insertSubstitution(".Lucida Grande UI", "Lucida Grande")
+        except AttributeError:
+            pass
 def fix_win_pythonw_std_stream():
     On windows when running without a console (using pythonw.exe) the
     # and write to the old file descriptors)
+    # Try to fix fonts on OSX Mavericks
+    fix_osx_10_9_private_font()
     # File handler should always be at least INFO level so we need
     # the application root level to be at least at INFO.
     root_level = min(levels[options.log_level], logging.INFO)