Aleš Erjavec committed 56999fd

Added Context Settings for selected class values.

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         return QString(text)
 class OWPredictions(OWWidget):
-    settingsList = ["showProb", "showClass", "ShowAttributeMethod", "sendOnChange", "precision"]
+    contextHandlers = {
+        "": ClassValuesContextHandler("", ["selectedClasses"])
+    }
+    settingsList = ["showProb", "showClass", "ShowAttributeMethod",
+                    "sendOnChange", "precision"]
     def __init__(self, parent=None, signalManager = None):
         OWWidget.__init__(self, parent, signalManager, "Predictions")
         self.handledAllSignalsFlag = True
+            self.openContext("", list(self.classes))
     def setData(self, data):
-        self.handledAllSignalsFlag = False
-        if not data:
+        """
+        Set input data table.
+        """
+        self.closeContext("")
+        if data is None:
    = data
             self.datalabel = "N/A"
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