Aleš Erjavec avatar Aleš Erjavec committed 5765e72

Added tutorial '.ows' files to package_data and ''.

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 recursive-include Orange/datasets *
 recursive-include Orange/OrangeWidgets *.png *.svg *.gs *.vs *.obj *.html
-recursive-include Orange/OrangeCanvas *.png *.svg *.qss *.pyw *.txt
+recursive-include Orange/OrangeCanvas *.png *.svg *.qss *.pyw *.txt *.ows
 recursive-include Orange/orng *.cfg *.c
 recursive-include source *.bat *.c *.cpp *.h *.hpp *.mak COPYRIGHT *.py *.txt *.sip *.defs *.cmake Makefile
         "Orange.OrangeCanvas": ["icons/*.png", "icons/*.svg",
                                 "orngCanvas.pyw", "WidgetTabs.txt"],
         "Orange.OrangeCanvas.styles": ["*.qss", "orange/*.svg"],
+        "Orange.OrangeCanvas.application.tutorials": ["*.ows"],
         "Orange.OrangeWidgets": ["icons/*.png", "icons/backgrounds/*.png",
         "Orange.OrangeWidgets.Associate": ["icons/*.png", "icons/*.svg"],
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