Aleš Erjavec committed 79f4f55

Cleanup of 'Orange.utils' import statements.

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+import sys
+import os
+import types
+import random
+import time
+import urllib2
+import posixpath
+import warnings
+import StringIO
+from functools import wraps
+from contextlib import contextmanager
+from . import environ
 __all__ = ["deprecated_members", "deprecated_keywords",
            "deprecated_attribute", "deprecation_warning",
            "counters", "render", "serverfiles"]
-import environ
 def deprecation_warning(old, new, stacklevel=-2):
     """ Raise a deprecation warning of an obsolete attribute access.
     def __contains__(self, value):
         return True
-from functools import wraps
 def deprecated_members(name_map, wrap_methods="all", in_place=True):
     """ Decorate a class with properties for accessing attributes, and methods
 progressBarMilestones = deprecated_function_name(progress_bar_milestones)
-import random, types, sys
-import time
 def getobjectname(x, default=""):
     if type(x)==types.StringType:
     def decorating_function(func):
-        import functools
         cache = {}
-        @functools.wraps(func)
+        @wraps(func)
         def wrapped(*args, **kwargs):
             key = args + tuple(sorted(kwargs.items()))
             if key not in cache:
         return wrapped
     return decorating_function
-#from Orange.misc.render import contextmanager
-from contextlib import contextmanager
 def member_set(obj, name, val):
 def _orange_learner__new__(base):
     """Return an 'schizophrenic' __new__ class method following
-    `Orange.core.Lerner.__new__` calling convention.
+    `Orange.core.Learner.__new__` calling convention.
     :param base: base class.
     :type base: type
 demangleExamples = deprecated_function_name(demangle_examples)
 printVerbose = deprecated_function_name(print_verbose)
-import urllib2
-import posixpath
-import os
-from contextlib import contextmanager
-import StringIO
 def finishing(obj):
         copyfileobj(stream, dst_obj, buffer=2**10, content_len=length,
-import warnings
-import selection
-import render
+from . import selection
+from . import render