Aleš Erjavec avatar Aleš Erjavec committed 8c7bac6

Added a __new__ constructor for CostWrapperClassifier.

It was not possible to construct an instance of CostWrapperClassifier through
the default constructor..

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 TCostWrapperClassifier::TCostWrapperClassifier(PCostMatrix cm, PClassifier bc)
-: TClassifier(bc->classVar, false),
+: TClassifier((bc? bc->classVar: PVariable()), false),


-  PLearner basicLearner; //P basic learner
+  PLearner basicLearner; //P(+base_learner) basic learner
   PCostMatrix costMatrix; //P cost matrix
   TCostWrapperLearner(PCostMatrix =PCostMatrix(), PLearner = PLearner());


 #include "costwrapper.hpp"
-C_CALL(CostWrapperLearner - Orange.wrappers.CostWrapperLearner, Learner, "([examples] [, weight=, costs=]) -/-> Classifier")
-C_NAMED(CostWrapperClassifier - Orange.wrappers.CostWrapperClassifier, Classifier, "([classifier=, costs=])")
+C_CALL(CostWrapperLearner - Orange.wrappers.CostWrapperLearner, Learner, "([examples] [, weight=, cost_matrix=]) -/-> Classifier")
+C_NAMED(CostWrapperClassifier - Orange.wrappers.CostWrapperClassifier, Classifier, "(classifier, cost_matrix)")
+PyObject *CostWrapperClassifier_new(PyTypeObject *type, PyObject *args)
+  PyTRY
+    PClassifier classifier;
+    PCostMatrix costMatrix;
+    if (!PyArg_ParseTuple(args, "O&O&:CostWrapperClassifier.__new__", cc_Classifier, &classifier, cc_CostMatrix, &costMatrix)) {
+        raiseError("A Classifier and CostMatrix expected.");
+    }
+    return WrapNewOrange(mlnew TCostWrapperClassifier(costMatrix, classifier), type);
 /************* ASSOCIATION RULES ************/
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