Aleš Erjavec committed afc4dba

Small fixes to OSX application bundle build scripts.

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 echo "Checkouting and building bioinformatics addon"
 echo "============================================="
-./ bioinformatics $REVISION $REPOS_DIR ${TMP_BUNDLE_DIR}/
+./ bioinformatics tip $REPOS_DIR ${TMP_BUNDLE_DIR}/
 echo "Checkouting and building text addon"
 echo "==================================="
+./ text tip $REPOS_DIR ${TMP_BUNDLE_DIR}/
 echo "Installing networkx"
 echo "+++++++++++++++++++"


 	echo "Repository $CLONE_FULLPATH already present".
 echo "Checking for incomming changesets"
-if hg incoming -R $CLONE_FULLPATH; then 
-	echo "Changesets found. Pulling and updating."
-	hg pull --update -R $CLONE_FULLPATH
+if hg incoming; then
+	echo "Changesets found. Pulling."
+	hg pull
+echo "Updating to ${REVISION}"
+hg update -r ${REVISION}
 # Run installation
 echo "Running install with python '$PYTHON'"
 $PYTHON install --single-version-externally-managed --record=RECORD.txt
-# Clean up the archive
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