Aleš Erjavec  committed c84e545

Set the canvas style sheet on the CanvasMainWindow only.

This prevents any accidental/unwanted styling of other widgets (OWWidget).

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File Orange/OrangeCanvas/

       "%r style sheet not found.", stylesheet)
-    if stylesheet_string is not None:
-        app.setStyleSheet(stylesheet_string)
     # Add the default canvas_icons search path
     dirpath = os.path.abspath(os.path.dirname(OrangeCanvas.__file__))
     QDir.addSearchPath("canvas_icons", os.path.join(dirpath, "icons"))
     canvas_window = CanvasMainWindow()
+    if stylesheet_string is not None:
+        canvas_window.setStyleSheet(stylesheet_string)
     if not options.force_discovery:
         reg_cache = cache.registry_cache()