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Blaz Zupan  committed d26fa6f

Updated DESCRIPTION fields.

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File Orange/OrangeWidgets/Data/OWDataInfo.py

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-<description>Shows data information.</description>
+<description>Shows some basic information about data set,
+including sample size, and number and type of features.</description>
 <contact>Ales Erjavec (ales.erjavec@fri.uni-lj.si)</contact>"""

File Orange/OrangeWidgets/Data/OWDataTable.py

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 NAME = "Data Table"
-DESCRIPTION = "Shows data in a spreadsheet."
+DESCRIPTION = "Displays data in a spreadsheet."
 LONG_DESCRIPTION = """Data Table widget takes one or more data sets
 on its input and presents them in a spreadsheet format.
 ICON = "icons/DataTable.svg"

File Orange/OrangeWidgets/Data/OWFile.py

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 ID = "orange.widgets.data.file"
-Reads a data from an input file.
+Reads data from an input file.

File Orange/OrangeWidgets/Data/OWPaintData.py

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 <name>Paint Data</name>
-<description>Generate artificial data sets with a simple 'Paint' like interface</description>
+<description>Paints the data on a 2D plane. Place individual data
+points or use brush to paint a larger data sets.</description>
 <contact>Ales Erjavec (ales.erjavec(@at@)fri.uni-lj.si)</contact>

File Orange/OrangeWidgets/Data/OWSave.py

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-<description>Saves data to a file.</description>
+<description>Saves data to file.</description>
 <contact>Janez Demsar (janez.demsar(@at@)fri.uni-lj.si)</contact>