Matija Polajnar avatar Matija Polajnar committed de26bee

Revert the previous patch; I have to discuss this with Jonna.

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              ("bias_checked", self.get_SABias, 3, 1),
              ("bagged_variance", self.get_BAGV, 1, 0),
              ("local_cv", self.get_LCV, 1, 0),
-             ("local_model_pred_error", self.get_CNK, 2, 1),
+             ("local_model_pred_error", self.get_CNK, 2, 0),
              ("bagging_variance_cn", self.get_BVCK, 4, 0),
              ("mahalanobis_distance", self.get_Mahalanobis, 1, 0)]
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