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orange / Orange / feature / selection.py

Author Commit Message Date Builds
Aleš Erjavec
Preserve the domain's meta attributes and class_vars.
Aleš Erjavec
Fixed 'above_threshold' test condition. It now tests True for scores equal to threshold (as documented).
Aleš Erjavec
Fixed 'top_rated' function (actually use the 'highest_best' parameter).
Blaz Zupan
pointer to select_best_n for backward compatibility
Blaz Zupan
Some cosmetics and renaming in Orange.feature.selection
Aleš Erjavec
Fixed best_n function.
Janez Demšar
Documentation for Orange.feature.scoring: more cleaning up
Janez Demšar
Cleaned up feature selection module and doc; not finished yet
Matija Polajnar
Remove arguments from object.__new__ calls. It gives a deprecation warning and has no effects: the arguments get passed anyway.
Miha Stajdohar
Moved orange to Orange (part 2)