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Orange Canvas Configuration


import os
import logging
import cPickle as pickle
import itertools

import pkg_resources

from PyQt4.QtGui import QDesktopServices
from PyQt4.QtCore import QCoreApplication

from .utils.settings import Settings, config_slot

# Import QSettings from qtcompat module (compatibility with PyQt < 4.8.3
from .utils.qtcompat import QSettings

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

def init():
    """Initialize the QCoreApplication.organizationDomain, applicationName,
    applicationVersion and the default settings format. Will only run once.

    .. note:: This should not be run before QApplication has been initialized.
              Otherwise it can break Qt's plugin search paths.

    # Set application name, version and org. domain
    QCoreApplication.setApplicationName("Orange Canvas")

    # Make it a null op.
    global init
    init = lambda: None

rc = {}

spec = \
    [("startup/show-splash-screen", bool, True,
      "Show splash screen at startup"),

     ("startup/show-welcome-screen", bool, True,
      "Show Welcome screen at startup"),

     ("stylesheet", unicode, "orange",
      "QSS stylesheet to use"),

     ("schemeinfo/show-at-new-scheme", bool, True,
      "Show Scheme Properties when creating a new Scheme"),

     ("mainwindow/scheme-margins-enabled", bool, True,
      "Show margins around the scheme view"),

     ("mainwindow/show-scheme-shadow", bool, True,
      "Show shadow around the scheme view"),

     ("mainwindow/toolbox-dock-exclusive", bool, False,
      "Should the toolbox show only one expanded category at the time"),

     ("mainwindow/toolbox-dock-floatable", bool, False,
      "Is the canvas toolbox floatable (detachable from the main window)"),

     ("mainwindow/toolbox-dock-movable", bool, True,
      "Is the canvas toolbox movable (between left and right edge)"),

     ("mainwindow/toolbox-dock-use-popover-menu", bool, True,
      "Use a popover menu to select a widget when clicking on a category "

     ("mainwindow/number-of-recent-schemes", int, 7,
      "Number of recent schemes to keep in history"),

     ("schemeedit/show-channel-names", bool, True,
      "Show channel names"),

     ("schemeedit/show-link-state", bool, True,
      "Show link state hints."),

     ("schemeedit/enable-node-animations", bool, True,
      "Enable node animations."),

     ("schemeedit/freeze-on-load", bool, False,
      "Freeze signal propagation when loading a scheme."),

     ("quickmenu/trigger-on-double-click", bool, True,
      "Show quick menu on double click."),

     ("quickmenu/trigger-on-right-click", bool, True,
      "Show quick menu on right click."),

     ("quickmenu/trigger-on-space-key", bool, True,
      "Show quick menu on space key press."),

     ("quickmenu/trigger-on-any-key", bool, False,
      "Show quick menu on double click."),

     ("logging/level", int, 1, "Logging level"),

     ("logging/show-on-error", bool, True, "Show log window on error"),

     ("logging/dockable", bool, True, "Allow log window to be docked"),

     ("output/redirect-stderr", bool, True,
      "Redirect and display standard error output"),

     ("output/redirect-stdout", bool, True,
      "Redirect and display standard output"),

     ("output/stay-on-top", bool, True, ""),

     ("output/show-on-error", bool, True, "Show output window on error"),

     ("output/dockable", bool, True, "Allow output window to be docked"),

     ("help/stay-on-top", bool, True, ""),

     ("help/dockable", bool, True, "Allow help window to be docked"),

     ("help/open-in-external-browser", bool, False,
      "Open help in an external browser")

spec = [config_slot(*t) for t in spec]

def settings():
    store = QSettings()
    settings = Settings(defaults=spec, store=store)
    return settings

def data_dir():
    """Return the application data directory. If the directory path
    does not yet exists then create it.

    datadir = QDesktopServices.storageLocation(QDesktopServices.DataLocation)
    datadir = unicode(datadir)
    if not os.path.exists(datadir):
    return datadir

def cache_dir():
    """Return the application cache directory. If the directory path
    does not yet exists then create it.

    cachedir = QDesktopServices.storageLocation(QDesktopServices.CacheLocation)
    cachedir = unicode(cachedir)
    if not os.path.exists(cachedir):
    return cachedir

def open_config():
    global rc
    app_dir = data_dir()
    filename = os.path.join(app_dir, "canvas-rc.pck")
    if os.path.exists(filename):
        with open(os.path.join(app_dir, "canvas-rc.pck"), "rb") as f:

def save_config():
    app_dir = data_dir()
    with open(os.path.join(app_dir, "canvas-rc.pck"), "wb") as f:
        pickle.dump(rc, f)

def recent_schemes():
    """Return a list of recently accessed schemes.
    app_dir = data_dir()
    recent_filename = os.path.join(app_dir, "recent.pck")
    recent = []
    if os.path.isdir(app_dir) and os.path.isfile(recent_filename):
        with open(recent_filename, "rb") as f:
            recent = pickle.load(f)

    # Filter out files not found on the file system
    recent = [(title, path) for title, path in recent \
              if os.path.exists(path)]
    return recent

def save_recent_scheme_list(scheme_list):
    """Save the list of recently accessed schemes
    app_dir = data_dir()
    recent_filename = os.path.join(app_dir, "recent.pck")

    if os.path.isdir(app_dir):
        with open(recent_filename, "wb") as f:
            pickle.dump(scheme_list, f)

WIDGETS_ENTRY = "orange.widgets"

# This could also be achieved by declaring the entry point in
# Orange's, but that would not guaranty this entry point
# is the first in a list.

def default_entry_point():
    Return a default orange.widgets entry point for loading
    default Orange Widgets.

    dist = pkg_resources.get_distribution("Orange")
    ep = pkg_resources.EntryPoint("Orange Widgets", "Orange.OrangeWidgets",
    return ep

def widgets_entry_points():
    Return an `EntryPoint` iterator for all 'orange.widget' entry
    points plus the default Orange Widgets.

    ep_iter = pkg_resources.iter_entry_points(WIDGETS_ENTRY)
    chain = [[default_entry_point()],
    return itertools.chain(*chain)
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