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orange / Orange / utils / environ.py

Orange environment configuration (``environ``)

This module contains some basic customization options for Orange
(for now mostly changing directories where orange settings are saved).

How it works

When this module is imported it will first load and parse a global 
configuration `orangerc.cfg` (located in the root directory of the orange
installation). Further, it will look for and try to load a user specific
configuration file located in $(HOME)/.orangerc.cfg or 
`application_dir`/orangerc.cfg where `application_dir` is a variable defined
in the global configuration file.

.. note:: in the configuration files all OS defined environment variables
    (e.g $HOME, $USER, ...) are available.

After all the parsing has taken place the select variables defined in the
configuration will be made available as top level module variables.


To change the location where settings are saved for Orange Canvas
on Windows edit the global `orangerc.cfg` file and in the
`[directories win32]` section change the `application_dir` variable:
    [directories win32]
    application_dir = D:/SharedAppData/orange/
In this way we can hard code the path instead of using the system default
(defined in the the %APPDATA variable)


The following variables are exposed as top level module members 

    Directory where Orange is installed.
    Directory where Orange Canvas is installed.

    Directory where Orange Widgets are installed.

    Directory where icons for widgets are installed.

    Directory with Orange documentation.
    Directory with example data sets.

    Directory where system-wide add-ons are installed 
    Directory where user add-ons are installed
    Directory where applications can save their data.
    Directory where Orange saves settings/data.
    Directory where Orange Canvas saves the reports.
    Directory where Orange settings are saved.
    Directory where Orange Canvas settings are saved.
    Directory where Orange Widgets settings are saved.
    Directory where :obj:`Orange.utils.serverfiles` downloads are stored.  

    If True all deprecated members in Orange 2.5 will not be available.

import os
import sys

import ConfigParser
import pkg_resources
from pkg_resources import working_set

def _path_fix():
    """Fix some common problems with $(PATH) and sys.path
    if os.name == "nt":
        ## Move any miktex paths containing Qt's dll to the end of the %PATH%
        paths = os.environ["PATH"].split(";")
        paths = sorted(paths, key=lambda path: 1 if "miktex" in path else 0)
        os.environ["PATH"] = ";".join(paths)

    if sys.platform == "darwin":
        ## PyQt4 installed from fink is installed in %{FINK_ROOT}lib/qt4-mac/lib/python${PYVERSION}/site-packages"
        posible_fink_pyqt4_path = os.path.join(
            sys.prefix, "lib/qt4-mac/lib/python" + sys.version[:3] + "/site-packages")
        if os.path.exists(posible_fink_pyqt4_path):


def _get_default_env():
    """ Return a dictionary with default Orange environment."""

    version = "orange"
    version_display = "Orange 2.5"
    orange_no_deprecated_members = "False"
    install_dir = os.path.dirname(os.path.abspath(__file__)) # Orange/misc
    install_dir = os.path.dirname(install_dir) # Orange/

    doc_install_dir = os.path.join(install_dir, "doc")
    dataset_install_dir = os.path.join(install_dir, "datasets")

    canvas_install_dir = os.path.join(install_dir, "OrangeCanvas")
    widget_install_dir = os.path.join(install_dir, "OrangeWidgets")
    icons_install_dir = os.path.join(widget_install_dir, "icons")
    add_ons_dir = os.path.join(install_dir, "add-ons")

    home = os.path.expanduser("~/")
    if sys.platform == "win32":
        if home[-1] == ":":
            home += "\\"
        application_dir = os.environ["APPDATA"]
        output_dir = os.path.join(application_dir, version)
        default_reports_dir = os.path.join(home, "My Documents")
    elif sys.platform == "darwin":
        application_dir = os.path.join(home, "Library", "Application Support")
        output_dir = os.path.join(application_dir, version)
        default_reports_dir = os.path.join(home, "Documents")
        application_dir = home
        output_dir = os.path.join(home, "." + version)
        documents = os.path.join(home, "Documents")
        # Need to make sure Documents folder actually exists
        if os.path.exists(documents) and os.path.isdir(documents):
            default_reports_dir = documents
            default_reports_dir = home

    add_ons_dir_user = os.path.join(output_dir, "add-ons")

    orange_settings_dir = output_dir
    canvas_settings_dir = os.path.join(output_dir, "OrangeCanvasQt4")
    widget_settings_dir = os.path.join(output_dir, "widgetSettingsQt4")
    if sys.platform == "darwin":
        buffer_dir = os.path.join(home, "Library", "Caches", version)
        buffer_dir = os.path.join(output_dir, "buffer")

    return locals()

_ALL_ENV_OPTIONS = ["version", "version_display", "is_canvas_installed",

_ALL_DIR_OPTIONS = ["install_dir", "canvas_install_dir",
                    "widget_install_dir", "icons_install_dir",
                    "doc_install_dir", "dataset_install_dir", 
                    "add_ons_dir", "add_ons_dir_user",
                    "application_dir", "output_dir", "default_reports_dir",
                    "orange_settings_dir", "canvas_settings_dir",
                    "widget_settings_dir", "buffer_dir"]

def get_platform_option(section, option):
    """ Return the platform specific configuration `option` from `section`.
        return parser.get(section + " " + sys.platform, option)
    except Exception:
        return parser.get(section, option)

#options read from environment variables
_ENVIRON_OPTIONS = [ "orange_no_deprecated_members" ]

def _configure_env(defaults=None):
    """ Apply the configuration files on the default environment
    and return the instance of SafeConfigParser
    if defaults is None:
        defaults = dict(os.environ)

    for opt in _ENVIRON_OPTIONS:
        if opt in os.environ:
            defaults[opt] = os.environ[opt]
    parser = ConfigParser.SafeConfigParser(defaults)
    global_cfg = os.path.join(defaults["install_dir"], "orng", "orangerc.cfg")

    if not parser.read([global_cfg]):
#        import warnings
#        warnings.warn("Could not read global orange configuration file.")

    # In case the global_cfg does not exist or is empty
    if not parser.has_section("directories"):
    if not parser.has_section("Orange"):
    platform = sys.platform
        application_dir = parser.get("directories " + platform, "application_dir")
    except Exception:
        application_dir = parser.get("directories", "application_dir")
    parser.read([os.path.join(application_dir, "orangerc.cfg"),
    return parser

parser = _configure_env()

for dirname in _ALL_DIR_OPTIONS:
    globals()[dirname] = get_platform_option("directories", dirname)

if not os.path.isdir(widget_install_dir) or not os.path.isdir(widget_install_dir):
    # Canvas and widgets are not installed
    canvas_install_dir = None
    widget_install_dir = None
    canvas_settings_dir = None
    widget_settings_dir = None
    is_canvas_installed = False
    is_canvas_installed = True
if not os.path.isdir(icons_install_dir):
    icons_install_dir = ""
version = parser.get("Orange", "version")
version_display = parser.get("Orange", "version_display")
orange_no_deprecated_members = parser.getboolean("Orange", "orange_no_deprecated_members")
version = get_platform_option("Orange", "version")
# Create the directories if missing
# TODO: This are not needed if using orange without the GUI

_directories_to_create = ["application_dir", "orange_settings_dir",
        "buffer_dir", "widget_settings_dir", "canvas_settings_dir"]

for dname in _directories_to_create:
    dname = globals()[dname]
    if dname is not None and not os.path.isdir(dname):
            os.makedirs(dname)        # Vista has roaming profiles that will say that this folder does not exist and will then fail to create it, because it exists...
        except Exception:
def samepath(path1, path2):
    """ Do the paths path1 and path2 point to the same location.
    return os.path.normcase(os.path.realpath(os.path.normpath(path1))) == \

def add_orange_directories_to_path():
    """Add orange directory paths to sys.path."""

    paths_to_add = [] #[install_dir]

    if canvas_install_dir is not None:

    # Instead of doing this OrangeWidgets should be a package
    if widget_install_dir is not None and os.path.isdir(widget_install_dir):
        default_widgets_dirs = [os.path.join(widget_install_dir, x) \
                                for x in os.listdir(widget_install_dir) \
                                if os.path.isdir(os.path.join(widget_install_dir, x))]

    for path in paths_to_add:
        if os.path.isdir(path) and not any([samepath(path, x) for x in sys.path]):
            sys.path.insert(0, path)
directories = dict([(dname, globals()[dname]) for dname in _ALL_DIR_OPTIONS])

def load_eggs(search_path):
    distributions, errors = working_set.find_plugins(
    map(working_set.add, distributions)

    if errors:
        import warnings
        warnings.warn("Error loading eggs: %s" % (errors,))