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Paint Data

Paints the data on a 2D plane. Place individual data points or use brush to paint a larger data sets.


  • (None)
  • :obj:`Data`

    Attribute-valued data set created in the widget.


The widget support the creation of the new data set by visually placing the data points on the two-dimension plane. Data points can be placed on the plane individually (:obj:`Put`) or in a larger number by brushing (:obj:`Brush`). Data points can belong to classes if the data is intended to be used in supervised learning.

Paint Data widget


In the workflow below we have painted an unsupervised (class-less) data set and sent it to :ref:`Data Table` and :ref:`K-Means Clustering` clustering widget. We have painted three clusters, which were, at least in a number of clusters correctly identified by the k-means clustering.

Example schema with File widget