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Orange Widgets

Orange widgets are building blocks of data analysis workflows that are assembled in Orange's visual programming environment.

Orange Workflow

Widgets are grouped into classes according to their function. A typical workflow may mix widgets for data input and filtering, visualization, and predictive data mining.


File :ref:`File` File :ref:`Paint Data` Data Table :ref:`Data Table`
Select Attributes :ref:`Select Attributes` Rank :ref:`Rank` Purge Domain :ref:`Purge Domain`
Merge Data :ref:`Merge Data` Merge Data :ref:`Concatenate` Merge Data :ref:`Data Sampler`
Merge Data :ref:`Select Data` Merge Data :ref:`Save` Merge Data :ref:`Discretize`
Merge Data :ref:`Continuize` Merge Data :ref:`Impute` Merge Data :ref:`Outliers`
Edit Domain :ref:`Edit Domain` Edit Domain :ref:`Python Script`  


Distributions :ref:`Distributions` Scatter Plot :ref:`Scatter Plot` AttributeStatistics :ref:`Attribute Statistics`
Linear Projection :ref:`Linear Projection` Rad Viz :ref:`Radviz` Poly Viz :ref:`Polyviz`
Parallel Coordinates :ref:`Parallel Coordinates` Survey Plot :ref:`Survey Plot` Mosaic Display :ref:`Mosaic Display`
Sieve Diagram :ref:`Sieve Diagram` Sieve Multigram Sieve Multigram  


Naive Bayes :ref:`Naive Bayes` Support Vector Machines :ref:`SVM` Logistic Regression :ref:`Logistic Regression`
Majority :ref:`Majority` Classification Tree :ref:`Classification Tree` Classification Tree Graph :ref:`Classification Tree Graph`
Classification Tree Viewer :ref:`Classification Tree Viewer` CN2 Rules :ref:`CN2 Rules` CN2 Rules Viewer :ref:`CN2 Rules Viewer`
k-Nearest Neighbours :ref:`k-Nearest Neighbours` Nomogram :ref:`Nomogram` Random Forest :ref:`Random Forest`
C4.5 :ref:`C4.5` Interactive Tree Builder :ref:`Interactive Tree Builder`  


Mean :ref:`Mean` Linear Regression :ref:`Linear Regression` Regression Tree :ref:`Regression Tree`
Regression Tree Graph :ref:`Regression Tree Graph` Pade :ref:`Pade`  


Confusion Matrix :ref:`Confusion Matrix` Pade :ref:`ROC Analysis` Lift Curve :ref:`Lift Curve`
Calibration Plot :ref:`Calibration Plot` Test Learners :ref:`Test Learners` Predictions :ref:`Predictions`


Association Rules :ref:`Association Rules` AssociationRulesFilter :ref:`Association Rules Filter` Association Rules Explorer :ref:`Association Rules Explorer`
Item Sets Item Sets Item Sets Explorer Item Sets Explorer  


Distance File :ref:`Distance File` Save Distance File Save Distance File Matrix Transformation Matrix Transformation
Distance Matrix Filter Distance Matrix Filter Distance Map :ref:`Distance Map` Example Distance :ref:`Example Distance`
Attribute Distance :ref:`Attribute Distance` Hierarchical Clustering :ref:`Hierarchical Clustering` Interaction Graph :ref:`Interaction Graph`
k-Means Clustering :ref:`k-Means Clustering` MDS :ref:`MDS` PCA :ref:`PCA`
SOM SOM SOM Visualizer SOM Visualizer