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<title>Auto-Mpg Data Base</title>
<h1>Info on Auto-Mpg Data Base</h1>
1. Title: Auto-Mpg Data

2. Sources:
   (a) Origin:  This dataset was taken from the StatLib library which is
                maintained at Carnegie Mellon University. The dataset was 
                used in the 1983 American Statistical Association Exposition.
   (c) Date: July 7, 1993

3. Past Usage:
    -  See 2b (above)
    -  Quinlan,R. (1993). Combining Instance-Based and Model-Based Learning.
       In Proceedings on the Tenth International Conference of Machine 
       Learning, 236-243, University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Morgan

4. Relevant Information:

   This dataset is a slightly modified version of the dataset provided in
   the StatLib library.  In line with the use by Ross Quinlan (1993) in
   predicting the attribute "mpg", 8 of the original instances were removed 
   because they had unknown values for the "mpg" attribute.  The original 
   dataset is available in the file "".

   "The data concerns city-cycle fuel consumption in miles per gallon,
    to be predicted in terms of 3 multivalued discrete and 5 continuous
    attributes." (Quinlan, 1993)

5. Number of Instances: 398

6. Number of Attributes: 9 including the class attribute

7. Attribute Information:

    1. mpg:           continuous
    2. cylinders:     multi-valued discrete
    3. displacement:  continuous
    4. horsepower:    continuous
    5. weight:        continuous
    6. acceleration:  continuous
    7. model year:    multi-valued discrete
    8. origin:        multi-valued discrete
    9. car name:      string (unique for each instance)

8. Missing Attribute Values:  horsepower has 6 missing values