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orange / source / orange / cls_example.hpp


#include "orange.hpp"  
#include "examples.hpp"

// Example can be either a wrapped pointer or a wrapped reference.
// If it is a wrapped reference then a container's wrapper should be passed to lock.
class ORANGE_API TPyExample {
  PExample example;
  POrange lock;

PyObject *Example_FromExample(PyTypeObject *type, PExample example, POrange lock=POrange());

#define Example_FromWrappedExample(example)   Example_FromExample((PyTypeObject *)&PyOrExample_Type, example)
#define Example_FromExampleRef(example, lock) Example_FromExample((PyTypeObject *)&PyOrExample_Type, PExample(example), lock)
#define Example_FromExampleCopyRef(example)   Example_FromExample((PyTypeObject *)&PyOrExample_Type, PExample(mlnew TExample(example)))
#define Example_FromDomain(domain)            Example_FromExample((PyTypeObject *)&PyOrExample_Type, mlnew TExample(domain))

#define PyExample_AS_Example(op) (((TPyExample *)(op))->example)
#define PyExample_AS_ExampleReference(op) (((TPyExample *)(op))->example.getReference())

PyObject *convertToPythonNative(const TExample &, int natvt=1, bool tuples=false, PyObject *forDK = NULL, PyObject *forDC = NULL, PyObject *forSpecial = NULL);
bool convertFromPython(PyObject *args, TExample &, PDomain domain);
bool convertFromPythonExisting(PyObject *lst, TExample &example);

ORANGE_API int cc_Example(PyObject *obj, void *ptr);
ORANGE_API int ccn_Example(PyObject *obj, void *ptr);
ORANGE_API int ptr_Example(PyObject *obj, void *ptr);
ORANGE_API int ptrn_Example(PyObject *obj, void *ptr);

class TCharBuffer;

void Example_pack(const TExample &example, TCharBuffer &buf, PyObject *&otherValues);
void Example_unpack(TExample &example, TCharBuffer &buf, PyObject *&otherValues, int &otherValuesIndex);