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<title>Lymphography Data Base</title>
<h1>Info on Lymphography Data Base</h1>
Citation Request:
   This lymphography domain was obtained from the University Medical Centre,
   Institute of Oncology, Ljubljana, Yugoslavia.  Thanks go to M. Zwitter and 
   M. Soklic for providing the data.  Please include this citation if you plan
   to use this database.

1. Title: Lymphography Domain

2. Sources: 
    (a) See Above.
    (b) Donors: Igor Kononenko, 
                University E.Kardelj
                Faculty for electrical engineering
                Trzaska 25
                61000 Ljubljana (tel.: (38)(+61) 265-161

                Bojan Cestnik
                Jozef Stefan Institute
                Jamova 39
                61000 Ljubljana
                Yugoslavia (tel.: (38)(+61) 214-399 ext.287) 
   (c) Date: November 1988

3. Past Usage: (sveral)
    1. Cestnik,G., Konenenko,I, & Bratko,I. (1987). Assistant-86: A
       Knowledge-Elicitation Tool for Sophisticated Users.  In I.Bratko
       & N.Lavrac (Eds.) Progress in Machine Learning, 31-45, Sigma Press.
       -- Assistant-86: 76% accuracy
    2. Clark,P. & Niblett,T. (1987). Induction in Noisy Domains.  In
       I.Bratko & N.Lavrac (Eds.) Progress in Machine Learning, 11-30,
       Sigma Press.
       -- Simple Bayes: 83% accuracy
       -- CN2 (99% threshold): 82%
    3. Michalski,R., Mozetic,I. Hong,J., & Lavrac,N. (1986).  The Multi-Purpose
       Incremental Learning System AQ15 and its Testing Applications to Three
       Medical Domains.  In Proceedings of the Fifth National Conference on
       Artificial Intelligence, 1041-1045. Philadelphia, PA: Morgan Kaufmann.
       -- Experts: 85% accuracy (estimate)
       -- AQ15: 80-82%

4. Relevant Information:
     This is one of three domains provided by the Oncology Institute
     that has repeatedly appeared in the machine learning literature.
     (See also breast-cancer and primary-tumor.)

5. Number of Instances: 148

6. Number of Attributes: 19 including the class attribute

7. Attribute information:
    --- NOTE: All attribute values in the database have been entered as
              numeric values corresponding to their index in the list
              of attribute values for that attribute domain as given below.
    1. class: normal find, metastases, malign lymph, fibrosis
    2. lymphatics: normal, arched, deformed, displaced
    3. block of affere: no, yes
    4. bl. of lymph. c: no, yes
    5. bl. of lymph. s: no, yes
    6. by pass: no, yes
    7. extravasates: no, yes
    8. regeneration of: no, yes
    9. early uptake in: no, yes
   10. lym.nodes dimin: 0-3
   11. lym.nodes enlar: 1-4
   12. changes in lym.: bean, oval, round
   13. defect in node: no, lacunar, lac. marginal, lac. central
   14. changes in node: no, lacunar, lac. margin, lac. central
   15. changes in stru: no, grainy, drop-like, coarse, diluted, reticular, 
                        stripped, faint, 
   16. special forms: no, chalices, vesicles
   17. dislocation of: no, yes
   18. exclusion of no: no, yes
   19. no. of nodes in: 0-9, 10-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, >=70

8. Missing Attribute Values: None

9. Class Distribution: 
    Class:        Number of Instances:
    normal find:  2
    metastases:   81
    malign lymph: 61
    fibrosis:     4