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<title>Orange Documentation for Scripting</title>
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<H1>Orange Documentation for Scripting</H1>

<dt><a href="ms-its:ofb.chm::ofb/default.htm">Orange for Beginners</a></dt>
<dd>If you are new to Orange, and are interesting in scripting in
Python, this is where you should start.</dd>

<dt><a href="ms-its:reference.chm::reference/default.htm">Orange Reference Guide</a></dt>
<dd>This is the core reference guide to Orange. It describes the basic
data structures used in Orange (such as examples, attributes...),
preprocessing, learning and classifying etc.</dd>

<dt><a href="ms-its:modules.chm::modules/default.htm">Orange Modules</a></dt>
<dd>An average user will mostly call Orange through specialized <a
href="ms-its::/modules/default.htm">Orange modules</a>. Each module covers a
specific task (discretization, feature subset selection, sampling,
assessing qualities of models) or learning method.</dd>