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Whether you are a child or a child, your childhood memories will surely never be separated from the cartoon characters.

It could be the characters from the famous Disney, Pixar animated movies, or it could be Japanese anime, and all of these characters are an integral part of the teenage years of each of us. So let's take a look at the anime characters that captured the hearts of the public in this top 7!

1. Elsa (Frozen)

Elsa from Frozen is a strong girl, quite a special and new female character among the Disney princesses. As we all know, Disney Princesses are all beautiful, beautiful, sweet, friendly and full of kindness. And Elsa too, but in her there are many more beautiful characteristics, it is resilience, responsibility.

The peculiarity of Elsa is the beauty of a modern woman, different from the traditional beauty of the princesses of fairy tales. Perhaps that is why Frozen hit a sales record, and Elsa also became a very popular public figure. 

2. Minion (Despicable Me)

Originally, the purpose of creating these Minion drawing creatures was simply to increase the importance of protagonist Gru. But with very mischievous tricks and extremely charming appearance, Minion is somewhat more dominant than the main character and won the hearts of viewers.

See more: Instructions on how to draw simple and funny Minion for children

3. Sonic (Sonic the Speedy Hedgehog)

Sonic has super speed powers, but instead of hiding his powers, Sonic likes to show off. He thought no one could catch him, so Sonic became the target of being hunted down by villains, forced to flee to Earth for refuge. Now he had to ask his best friend for help.

The adventure of the hedgehog Sonic and his companions does not bring many dramatic situations. Because the film has fairly straightforward content, it's more entertaining for younger fans. That's why the role of the villain is also built in a cute humorous style, especially Doctor Robotnik who also makes many children fascinated by the modern and advanced weapon models that make every child feel comfortable.

4. Tom and Jerry (Tom and Jerry)

As a main character from the early days of the film's release, the cat Tom is one of the two important elements of the pair of cards that coincide with the humorous chases that always make audiences laugh. Although he has a large and healthy body, in pursuits Tom is always the loser. According to a statistic in the 163 episodes, Jerry won 123 times and our blue haired cat only 8 times. Interestingly, Tom is very much in love, there were several times he was tricked by Jerry while dating his cat girlfriend.

Jerry Mouse

Tom Cat

5. Doraemon (Doraemon)

Doraemon is an anime series adapted from the famous manga of the same name by Fujiko F. Fujio. It can be said that Doraemon has been associated with the childhood of many people over the past decades. Doraemon is a cat who has many magical treasures bought from a supermarket in the 22nd century.

As a good friend and always devoted to friends, thanks to Doraemon, the childhood of the group of friends Nobita, Shizuka, Jaian, Suneo has become colorful with endless adventures to new lands and encounters. Add countless interesting friends, in addition to mischievous jokes, funny situations because treasures bring.

Please see Doraemon drawing tutorial to draw this smart and adorable robot cat yourself.

6. Naruto Uzumaki (Naruto)

Naruto is the son of Konoha's Fourth Hokage, who had previously tried to stop the Nine-Tails from destroying Konoha. It was also from there that the Nine-Tails were sealed inside the boy who was orphaned by both Naruto and his mother. However, his life has never been boring, so as not to be alone, he always creates extremely naughty jokes to catch everyone's attention. During his life journey, what stands out the most is his absolute belief in the victory of good and his sincerity in converting others when they went the wrong way.

Perhaps thanks to a somewhat "illusory" but extremely necessary personality in this life, Naruto made a strong impression in the hearts of the public. Naruto's ideal drawing of life has been used by many people as their own guide. Despite the end of their journey, the Naruto movies are sure to be some of the best of all time

7. Pikachu (Pokemon)

Pikachu - Satoshi's close companion during the journey

Electric Mouse Pikachu is the first Pokémon Satoshi captured and is also a companion throughout this young trainer's journey through many countries. Pikachu is an electric-type pokemon with a plump figure and an extremely cute face, plus it's also very smart.

It was through the close connection with each other and Pikachu that helped Satoshi win many matches. Although born in 1996, the images of the electric pokemon Pikachu have never been blurred in the eyes of fans.

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