JamManLooperManager - Open Source Project!
originally coded by Rob Birdwell

Tools Required:
Xamarin Studio, version 5.8.2 > (formerly MonoDevelop)
BitBucket Repo:

Known Issues & Areas For Improvement for this Open Source Project:
* Address all TODO items in the code
* GUI Improvements!
* Installer so folks can run this like a native Windows/Mac/Linux app (currently commandline
  "mono" invocation)
* Other: better async I/O handling
* Make the "sync" a bit more bullet-proof!

Written originally for my (Rob Birdwell) personal use.  The absence of a librarian tool 
was a pain so I gave it a go.  C# and Mono seemed like great fits since it would be nice
to be able to use on as many platforms as possible.

Naturally, due to my desire to spend time writing music, I punted on some "hard" features, 
but functionally, it's a working librarian.