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File ackrc

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File gnuplot

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+set samples 300
+set macros

File pythonstartup

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+# startup script for python to enable saving of interpreter history and
+# enabling name completion
+# import needed modules
+import os
+import atexit
+import readline
+import rlcompleter
+# where is history saved
+historyPath = os.path.expanduser("~/.pyhistory")
+# handler for saving history
+def save_history(historyPath=historyPath):
+    import readline
+    readline.write_history_file(historyPath)
+# read history, if it exists
+if os.path.exists(historyPath):
+    readline.set_history_length(10000)
+    readline.read_history_file(historyPath)
+# register saving handler
+# enable completion
+readline.parse_and_bind('tab: complete')
+# cleanup
+del os, atexit, readline, rlcompleter, save_history, historyPath

File xpdfrc

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+bind pgup any prevPage
+bind pgdn any nextPage
+bind home any gotoPage(1)
+bind end any gotoLastPage
+bind g any reload
+initialZoom page
+urlCommand "firefox %s"