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     Mercurial extension to read commit message from changelog.
+    Usage: set the name of your changelog in hgrc::
+        [changelog]
+        filename = CHANGES
+    Then, committing without a given message or logfile will check if the
+    changelog is included in the commit. If it is, the commit message shown
+    in the editor will contain everything added to the changelog.
     :copyright: 2008 by Georg Brandl.
     :license: BSD.
     log = '\n'.join(log)
     # strip bullet points and whitespace on the left
     log = log.lstrip('*- \t')
+    # always let the user edit the message
     opts['force_editor'] = True
     opts['message'] = log
     return orig_commit(ui, repo, *pats, **opts)
 def uisetup(ui):
     if not hasattr(extensions, 'wrapcommand'):
-        return
+        return # doesn't work as nicely on old hg versions
     extensions.wrapcommand(commands.table, 'commit', new_commit)
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