Georg Brandl avatar Georg Brandl committed 0873c77

Allow input of µ prefix directly.

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 def _findUnit(unit):
     if isinstance(unit, basestring):
-        name = unit.strip().replace('^', '**').replace('°', 'deg')
+        name = unit.strip().replace('^', '**').replace('µ', 'mu').replace('°', 'deg')
             unit = eval(name, _unit_table)
         except NameError:
 name = r'([_a-zA-Z]\w*)'
 number = r'(-?[\d0-9.eE-]+)'
-unit = r'([a-zA-Z1°][a-zA-Z0-9/*^-]*)'
+unit = r'([a-zA-Z1°µ][a-zA-Z0-9°µ/*^-]*)'
 quantity = number + r'\s+' + unit
 inline_unit_re = re.compile(r'\((%s)\)' % quantity)
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