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Update h0 value.

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   Ry    -- Rydberg constant
   mu_n  -- Magnetic moment of the neutron
   gamma -- Gyromagnetic ratio of the neutron
+  h0    -- dimensionless Hubble parameter
 Please let me know if anything is missing.
     ('Ry', Q('10973731.568539 1/m')),
     ('mu_n', Q('-0.96623647e-26 J/T')),
     ('gamma', Q('183.247179 MHz/T')),
-    ('h0', 0.7),
-    ('sigmaT', Q('6.6524e-29 m**2')),  # Thomson cross section
+    ('h0', 0.704),  # WMAP-7 + BAO constraint
+    ('sigmaT', Q('6.652453e-29 m**2')),
 name = r'([_a-zA-Z]\w*)'
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