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Add script to create summary files after the fact.

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+import sys, re
+rex = re.compile(
+r'''\s*# t/s: (?P<preset>\d+)\s*
+# sum: (?P<countsum>\d+)\s*
+# mon: (?P<monitor>\d+)\s*
+# A:   (?P<A>[0-9.]+)\s+\+/-\s+(?P<dA>[0-9.]+)
+# B:   (?P<B>[0-9.]+)\s+\+/-\s+(?P<dB>[0-9.]+)
+# phi: (?P<phi>[0-9.]+)\s+\+/-\s+(?P<dphi>[0-9.]+)
+# C:   (?P<C>[0-9.]+)\s+\+/-\s+(?P<dC>[0-9.]+)\s*''')
+settings = ['46_69', '72_108', '99_148p5', '138_207', '200_300']
+outname = sys.argv[1]
+varval = sys.argv[2]
+setting = sys.argv[3]
+if len(setting) == 1:
+    setting = settings[int(setting)]
+fname = '%05d' % int(sys.argv[4])
+f = open(outname, 'a')
+m = rex.match(
+values = m.groupdict().copy()
+values['varval'] = varval
+values['setting'] = setting
+values['tau'] = '-'
+values['fname'] = fname
+fieldorder = ['varval', 'varval', 'setting', 'tau', 'preset', 'countsum',
+              'monitor', 'A', 'B', 'phi', 'C', 'dA', 'dB', 'dphi', 'dC', 'fname']
+f.write(' ' + ' '.join(values[field].rjust(10) for field in fieldorder) + '\n')
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