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condition and exception scopes also can escape via return

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         self.globals = {}
 class ConditionScope(Scope):
-    #: set of the scope raises and may be discarded for promotion
-    raises = False
+    #: set of the scope leaves and may be discarded for promotion
+    escapes = False
     def __init__(self, parent):
         self.parent = parent
             self.addBinding(node.lineno, importation)
     def RETURN(self, node):
+        self.scope.escapes = True
         if not node.value:
         self.handleNode(node.value, node)
         #XXX complicated logic, check
-        valid_scopes = [scope for scope in handler_scopes if not scope.raises]
+        valid_scopes = [scope for scope in handler_scopes if not scope.escapes]
         if valid_scopes:
             common = set(valid_scopes[0])
             for scope in valid_scopes[1:]:
             # when the body scope doesnt raise,
             # its currently the best to consider its names
             # availiable for the orelse part
-            if not body_scope.raises:
+            if not body_scope.escapes:
             for name in common:
         mark a scope if a exception is raised in it
-        self.scope.raises = True
+        self.scope.escapes = True
             self.handleNode(stmt, node)
         else_scope = self.popScope()
-        if body_scope.raises and else_scope.raises:
+        if body_scope.escapes and else_scope.escapes:
-        elif body_scope.raises:
+        elif body_scope.escapes:
-        elif else_scope.raises:
+        elif else_scope.escapes:
             #XXX: better scheme for unsure bindings


+    def test_return_in_else_will_propagate_body(self):
+        self.flakes("""
+            if True:
+                a = 1
+            else:
+                return ValueError
+            print(a)
+        """, m.ExceptionReturn)
+    def test_return_in_body_will_propagate_else(self):
+        self.flakes("""
+            if True:
+                return ValueError
+            else:
+                a = 1
+            print(a)
+        """, m.ExceptionReturn)
     def test_nested_propagation(self):
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