1. Georg Brandl
  2. pyflakes-ast


pyflakes-ast / NEWS.txt

0.4.0 (2009-11-25):
  - Fix reporting for certain SyntaxErrors which lack line number
  - Check for syntax errors more rigorously.
  - Support checking names used with the class decorator syntax in versions
    of Python which have it.
  - Detect local variables which are bound but never used.
  - Handle permission errors when trying to read source files.
  - Handle problems with the encoding of source files.
  - Support importing dotted names so as not to incorrectly report them as
    redefined unused names.
  - Support all forms of the with statement.
  - Consider static `__all__` definitions and avoid reporting unused names
    if the names are listed there.
  - Fix incorrect checking of class names with respect to the names of their
    bases in the class statement.
  - Support the `__path__` global in `__init__.py`.

0.3.0 (2009-01-30):
  - Display more informative SyntaxError messages.
  - Don't hang flymake with unmatched triple quotes (only report a single
    line of source for a multiline syntax error).
  - Recognize __builtins__ as a defined name.
  - Improve pyflakes support for python versions 2.3-2.5
  - Support for if-else expressions and with statements.
  - Warn instead of error on non-existant file paths.
  - Check for __future__ imports after other statements.
  - Add reporting for some types of import shadowing.
  - Improve reporting of unbound locals