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[svn] Update changelog and add a copyright entry.

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 Version 0.8 (in development)
-(codename Maikäfer, released May XX, 2007)
+(codename Maikäfer, released May 29, 2007)
 - Lexers added:
   * D, thanks to Kirk McDonald
   * MuPad, thanks to Christopher Creutzig
   * MiniD, thanks to Jarrett Billingsley
+  * Vim Script, by Tim Hatch
 - The `CSharpLexer` now is Unicode-aware, which means that it has an
   option that can be set so that it correctly lexes Unicode identifiers
 - Fixed a bug in the `RawTokenFormatter`.
-- added vim lexer contributed by Tim Hatch
 Version 0.7.1

File pygments/lexers/

     Lexers for agile languages.
     :copyright: 2006-2007 by Georg Brandl, Armin Ronacher,
-                Lukas Meuser, Tim Hatch.
+                Lukas Meuser, Tim Hatch, Jarrett Billingsley.
     :license: BSD, see LICENSE for more details.