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#326: Add function name highlighting to Erlang lexer.

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         'let', 'of', 'query', 'receive', 'try', 'when',
+    builtins = [ # See erlang(3) man page
+        'abs', 'append_element', 'apply', 'atom_to_list', 'binary_to_list',
+        'bitstring_to_list', 'binary_to_term', 'bit_size', 'bump_reductions',
+        'byte_size', 'cancel_timer', 'check_process_code', 'delete_module',
+        'demonitor', 'disconnect_node', 'display', 'element', 'erase', 'exit',
+        'float', 'float_to_list', 'fun_info', 'fun_to_list',
+        'function_exported', 'garbage_collect', 'get', 'get_keys',
+        'group_leader', 'hash', 'hd', 'integer_to_list', 'iolist_to_binary',
+        'iolist_size', 'is_atom', 'is_binary', 'is_bitstring', 'is_boolean',
+        'is_builtin', 'is_float', 'is_function', 'is_integer', 'is_list',
+        'is_number', 'is_pid', 'is_port', 'is_process_alive', 'is_record',
+        'is_reference', 'is_tuple', 'length', 'link', 'list_to_atom',
+        'list_to_binary', 'list_to_bitstring', 'list_to_existing_atom',
+        'list_to_float', 'list_to_integer', 'list_to_pid', 'list_to_tuple',
+        'load_module', 'localtime_to_universaltime', 'make_tuple', 'md5',
+        'md5_final', 'md5_update', 'memory', 'module_loaded', 'monitor',
+        'monitor_node', 'node', 'nodes', 'open_port', 'phash', 'phash2',
+        'pid_to_list', 'port_close', 'port_command', 'port_connect',
+        'port_control', 'port_call', 'port_info', 'port_to_list',
+        'process_display', 'process_flag', 'process_info', 'purge_module',
+        'put', 'read_timer', 'ref_to_list', 'register', 'resume_process',
+        'round', 'send', 'send_after', 'send_nosuspend', 'set_cookie',
+        'setelement', 'size', 'spawn', 'spawn_link', 'spawn_monitor',
+        'spawn_opt', 'split_binary', 'start_timer', 'statistics',
+        'suspend_process', 'system_flag', 'system_info', 'system_monitor',
+        'system_profile', 'term_to_binary', 'tl', 'trace', 'trace_delivered',
+        'trace_info', 'trace_pattern', 'trunc', 'tuple_size', 'tuple_to_list',
+        'universaltime_to_localtime', 'unlink', 'unregister', 'whereis'
+        ]
     operators = r'(\+|-|\*|/|<|>|=|==|/=|=:=|=/=|=<|>=|\+\+|--|<-|!)'
     word_operators = [
         'and', 'andalso', 'band', 'bnot', 'bor', 'bsl', 'bsr', 'bxor',
         'root': [
             (r'\s+', Text),
             (r'%.*\n', Comment),
-            ('|'.join(keywords), Name.Keyword),
-            (r'\b(?:'+'|'.join(word_operators)+r')\b', Operator.Word),
+            ('(' + '|'.join(keywords) + r')\b', Keyword),
+            ('(' + '|'.join(builtins) + r')\b', Name.Builtin),
+            ('(' + '|'.join(word_operators) + r')\b', Operator.Word),
             (r'^-', Punctuation, 'directive'),
             (operators, Operator),
             (r'"', String, 'string'),
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