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Minor changes to nginx conf lexer, thanks to Brett Hoerner (#370)

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 - Make the codetags more strict about matching words (#368)
+- NginxConfLexer is a little more accurate on mimetypes and variables (#370)
 Version 0.11.1


         'base': [
             (r'#.*\n', Comment.Single),
             (r'on|off', Name.Constant),
-            (r'\$[^\s;#]+', Name.Variable),
+            (r'\$[^\s;#()]+', Name.Variable),
              bygroups(Name, Punctuation, Number.Integer)),
-            (r'[a-z-]+/[a-z-]+', Name), # mimetype
+            (r'[a-z-]+/[a-z-+]+', String), # mimetype
             #(r'[a-zA-Z._-]+', Keyword),
             (r'[0-9]+[km]?\b', Number.Integer),
             (r'(~)(\s*)([^\s{]+)', bygroups(Punctuation, Text, String.Regex)),
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