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Add modified AppleScript lexer, to close #330

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 - JavascriptLexer is smarter about what constitutes a regex (#356)
+- Add Applescript lexer, thanks to Andreas Amann (#330)
 Version 0.11.1

File pygments/lexers/_mapping.py

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     'ActionScript3Lexer': ('pygments.lexers.web', 'ActionScript 3', ('as3', 'actionscript3'), ('*.as',), ('application/x-actionscript', 'text/x-actionscript', 'text/actionscript')),
     'ActionScriptLexer': ('pygments.lexers.web', 'ActionScript', ('as', 'actionscript'), ('*.as',), ('application/x-actionscript', 'text/x-actionscript', 'text/actionscript')),
     'ApacheConfLexer': ('pygments.lexers.text', 'ApacheConf', ('apacheconf', 'aconf', 'apache'), ('.htaccess', 'apache.conf', 'apache2.conf'), ('text/x-apacheconf',)),
+    'AppleScriptLexer': ('pygments.lexers.other', 'AppleScript', ('applescript',), ('*.applescript',), ()),
     'BBCodeLexer': ('pygments.lexers.text', 'BBCode', ('bbcode',), (), ('text/x-bbcode',)),
     'BaseMakefileLexer': ('pygments.lexers.text', 'Makefile', ('basemake',), (), ()),
     'BashLexer': ('pygments.lexers.other', 'Bash', ('bash', 'sh'), ('*.sh',), ('application/x-sh', 'application/x-shellscript')),

File pygments/lexers/other.py

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     Lexers for other languages.
     :copyright: 2006-2008 by Georg Brandl, Tim Hatch <tim@timhatch.com>,
-                Stou Sandalski, Paulo Moura, Clara Dimene.
+                Stou Sandalski, Paulo Moura, Clara Dimene,
+                Andreas Amann <aamann@mac.com>.
     :license: BSD, see LICENSE for more details.
 __all__ = ['SqlLexer', 'MySqlLexer', 'SqliteConsoleLexer', 'BrainfuckLexer',
            'BashLexer', 'BatchLexer', 'BefungeLexer', 'RedcodeLexer',
            'MOOCodeLexer', 'SmalltalkLexer', 'TcshLexer', 'LogtalkLexer',
-           'GnuplotLexer', 'PovrayLexer']
+           'GnuplotLexer', 'PovrayLexer', 'AppleScriptLexer']
 line_re  = re.compile('.*?\n')
 class PovrayLexer(RegexLexer):
-    For `Persistence of Vision Raytracer http://www.povray.org/>`_ files.
+    For `Persistence of Vision Raytracer <http://www.povray.org/>`_ files.
     *New in Pygments 0.11.*
             (r'\s+', Text),
+class AppleScriptLexer(RegexLexer):
+    """
+    For `AppleScript source code
+    <http://developer.apple.com/documentation/AppleScript/
+    Conceptual/AppleScriptLangGuide>`_,
+    including `AppleScript Studio
+    <http://developer.apple.com/documentation/AppleScript/
+    Reference/StudioReference>`_.
+    Contributed by Andreas Amann <aamann@mac.com>.
+    """
+    name = 'AppleScript'
+    aliases = ['applescript']
+    filenames = ['*.applescript']
+    flags = re.MULTILINE | re.DOTALL
+    Identifiers = r'[a-zA-Z]\w*'
+    Literals = ['AppleScript', 'current application', 'false', 'linefeed',
+                'missing value', 'pi','quote', 'result', 'return', 'space',
+                'tab', 'text item delimiters', 'true', 'version']
+    Classes = ['alias ', 'application ', 'boolean ', 'class ', 'constant ',
+               'date ', 'file ', 'integer ', 'list ', 'number ', 'POSIX file ',
+               'real ', 'record ', 'reference ', 'RGB color ', 'script ',
+               'text ', 'unit types', '(Unicode )?text', 'string']
+    BuiltIn = ['attachment', 'attribute run', 'character', 'day', 'month',
+               'paragraph', 'word', 'year']
+    HandlerParams = ['about', 'above', 'against', 'apart from', 'around',
+                     'aside from', 'at', 'below', 'beneath', 'beside',
+                     'between', 'for', 'given', 'instead of', 'on', 'onto',
+                     'out of', 'over', 'since']
+    Commands = ['ASCII (character|number)', 'activate', 'beep', 'choose URL',
+                'choose application', 'choose color', 'choose file( name)?',
+                'choose folder', 'choose from list',
+                'choose remote application', 'clipboard info',
+                'close( access)?', 'copy', 'count', 'current date', 'delay',
+                'delete', 'display (alert|dialog)', 'do shell script',
+                'duplicate', 'exists', 'get eof', 'get volume settings',
+                'info for', 'launch', 'list (disks|folder)', 'load script',
+                'log', 'make', 'mount volume', 'new', 'offset',
+                'open( (for access|location))?', 'path to', 'print', 'quit',
+                'random number', 'read', 'round', 'run( script)?',
+                'say', 'scripting components',
+                'set (eof|the clipboard to|volume)', 'store script',
+                'summarize', 'system attribute', 'system info',
+                'the clipboard', 'time to GMT', 'write', 'quoted form']
+    References = ['(in )?back of', '(in )?front of', '[0-9]+(st|nd|rd|th)',
+                  'first', 'second', 'third', 'fourth', 'fifth', 'sixth',
+                  'seventh', 'eighth', 'ninth', 'tenth', 'after', 'back',
+                  'before', 'behind', 'every', 'front', 'index', 'last',
+                  'middle', 'some', 'that', 'through', 'thru', 'where', 'whose']
+    Operators = ["and", "or", "is equal", "equals", "(is )?equal to", "is not",
+                 "isn't", "isn't equal( to)?", "is not equal( to)?",
+                 "doesn't equal", "does not equal", "(is )?greater than",
+                 "comes after", "is not less than or equal( to)?",
+                 "isn't less than or equal( to)?", "(is )?less than",
+                 "comes before", "is not greater than or equal( to)?",
+                 "isn't greater than or equal( to)?",
+                 "(is  )?greater than or equal( to)?", "is not less than",
+                 "isn't less than", "does not come before",
+                 "doesn't come before", "(is )?less than or equal( to)?",
+                 "is not greater than", "isn't greater than",
+                 "does not come after", "doesn't come after", "starts? with",
+                 "begins? with", "ends? with", "contains?", "does not contain",
+                 "doesn't contain", "is in", "is contained by", "is not in",
+                 "is not contained by", "isn't contained by", "div", "mod",
+                 "not", "(a  )?(ref( to)?|reference to)", "is", "does"]
+    Control = ['considering', 'else', 'error', 'exit', 'from', 'if',
+               'ignoring', 'in', 'repeat', 'tell', 'then', 'times', 'to',
+               'try', 'until', 'using terms from', 'while', 'whith',
+               'with timeout( of)?', 'with transaction', 'by', 'continue',
+               'end', 'its?', 'me', 'my', 'return', 'of' , 'as']
+    Declarations = ['global', 'local', 'prop(erty)?', 'set', 'get']
+    Reserved = ['but', 'put', 'returning', 'the']
+    StudioClasses = ['action cell', 'alert reply', 'application', 'box',
+                     'browser( cell)?', 'bundle', 'button( cell)?', 'cell',
+                     'clip view', 'color well', 'color-panel',
+                     'combo box( item)?', 'control',
+                     'data( (cell|column|item|row|source))?', 'default entry',
+                     'dialog reply', 'document', 'drag info', 'drawer',
+                     'event', 'font(-panel)?', 'formatter',
+                     'image( (cell|view))?', 'matrix', 'menu( item)?', 'item',
+                     'movie( view)?', 'open-panel', 'outline view', 'panel',
+                     'pasteboard', 'plugin', 'popup button',
+                     'progress indicator', 'responder', 'save-panel',
+                     'scroll view', 'secure text field( cell)?', 'slider',
+                     'sound', 'split view', 'stepper', 'tab view( item)?',
+                     'table( (column|header cell|header view|view))',
+                     'text( (field( cell)?|view))?', 'toolbar( item)?',
+                     'user-defaults', 'view', 'window']
+    StudioEvents = ['accept outline drop', 'accept table drop', 'action',
+                    'activated', 'alert ended', 'awake from nib', 'became key',
+                    'became main', 'begin editing', 'bounds changed',
+                    'cell value', 'cell value changed', 'change cell value',
+                    'change item value', 'changed', 'child of item',
+                    'choose menu item', 'clicked', 'clicked toolbar item',
+                    'closed', 'column clicked', 'column moved',
+                    'column resized', 'conclude drop', 'data representation',
+                    'deminiaturized', 'dialog ended', 'document nib name',
+                    'double clicked', 'drag( (entered|exited|updated))?',
+                    'drop', 'end editing', 'exposed', 'idle', 'item expandable',
+                    'item value', 'item value changed', 'items changed',
+                    'keyboard down', 'keyboard up', 'launched',
+                    'load data representation', 'miniaturized', 'mouse down',
+                    'mouse dragged', 'mouse entered', 'mouse exited',
+                    'mouse moved', 'mouse up', 'moved',
+                    'number of browser rows', 'number of items',
+                    'number of rows', 'open untitled', 'opened', 'panel ended',
+                    'parameters updated', 'plugin loaded', 'prepare drop',
+                    'prepare outline drag', 'prepare outline drop',
+                    'prepare table drag', 'prepare table drop',
+                    'read from file', 'resigned active', 'resigned key',
+                    'resigned main', 'resized( sub views)?',
+                    'right mouse down', 'right mouse dragged',
+                    'right mouse up', 'rows changed', 'scroll wheel',
+                    'selected tab view item', 'selection changed',
+                    'selection changing', 'should begin editing',
+                    'should close', 'should collapse item',
+                    'should end editing', 'should expand item',
+                    'should open( untitled)?',
+                    'should quit( after last window closed)?',
+                    'should select column', 'should select item',
+                    'should select row', 'should select tab view item',
+                    'should selection change', 'should zoom', 'shown',
+                    'update menu item', 'update parameters',
+                    'update toolbar item', 'was hidden', 'was miniaturized',
+                    'will become active', 'will close', 'will dismiss',
+                    'will display browser cell', 'will display cell',
+                    'will display item cell', 'will display outline cell',
+                    'will finish launching', 'will hide', 'will miniaturize',
+                    'will move', 'will open', 'will pop up', 'will quit',
+                    'will resign active', 'will resize( sub views)?',
+                    'will select tab view item', 'will show', 'will zoom',
+                    'write to file', 'zoomed']
+    StudioCommands = ['animate', 'append', 'call method', 'center',
+                      'close drawer', 'close panel', 'display',
+                      'display alert', 'display dialog', 'display panel', 'go',
+                      'hide', 'highlight', 'increment', 'item for',
+                      'load image', 'load movie', 'load nib', 'load panel',
+                      'load sound', 'localized string', 'lock focus', 'log',
+                      'open drawer', 'path for', 'pause', 'perform action',
+                      'play', 'register', 'resume', 'scroll', 'select( all)?',
+                      'show', 'size to fit', 'start', 'step back',
+                      'step forward', 'stop', 'synchronize', 'unlock focus',
+                      'update']
+    StudioProperties = ['accepts arrow key', 'action method', 'active',
+                        'alignment', 'allowed identifiers',
+                        'allows branch selection', 'allows column reordering',
+                        'allows column resizing', 'allows column selection',
+                        'allows customization',
+                        'allows editing text attributes',
+                        'allows empty selection', 'allows mixed state',
+                        'allows multiple selection', 'allows reordering',
+                        'allows undo', 'alpha( value)?', 'alternate image',
+                        'alternate increment value', 'alternate title',
+                        'animation delay', 'associated file name',
+                        'associated object', 'auto completes', 'auto display',
+                        'auto enables items', 'auto repeat',
+                        'auto resizes( outline column)?',
+                        'auto save expanded items', 'auto save name',
+                        'auto save table columns', 'auto saves configuration',
+                        'auto scroll', 'auto sizes all columns to fit',
+                        'auto sizes cells', 'background color', 'bezel state',
+                        'bezel style', 'bezeled', 'border rect', 'border type',
+                        'bordered', 'bounds( rotation)?', 'box type',
+                        'button returned', 'button type',
+                        'can choose directories', 'can choose files',
+                        'can draw', 'can hide',
+                        'cell( (background color|size|type))?', 'characters',
+                        'class', 'click count', 'clicked( data)? column',
+                        'clicked data item', 'clicked( data)? row',
+                        'closeable', 'collating', 'color( (mode|panel))',
+                        'command key down', 'configuration',
+                        'content(s| (size|view( margins)?))?', 'context',
+                        'continuous', 'control key down', 'control size',
+                        'control tint', 'control view',
+                        'controller visible', 'coordinate system',
+                        'copies( on scroll)?', 'corner view', 'current cell',
+                        'current column', 'current( field)?  editor',
+                        'current( menu)? item', 'current row',
+                        'current tab view item', 'data source',
+                        'default identifiers', 'delta (x|y|z)',
+                        'destination window', 'directory', 'display mode',
+                        'displayed cell', 'document( (edited|rect|view))?',
+                        'double value', 'dragged column', 'dragged distance',
+                        'dragged items', 'draws( cell)? background',
+                        'draws grid', 'dynamically scrolls', 'echos bullets',
+                        'edge', 'editable', 'edited( data)? column',
+                        'edited data item', 'edited( data)? row', 'enabled',
+                        'enclosing scroll view', 'ending page',
+                        'error handling', 'event number', 'event type',
+                        'excluded from windows menu', 'executable path',
+                        'expanded', 'fax number', 'field editor', 'file kind',
+                        'file name', 'file type', 'first responder',
+                        'first visible column', 'flipped', 'floating',
+                        'font( panel)?', 'formatter', 'frameworks path',
+                        'frontmost', 'gave up', 'grid color', 'has data items',
+                        'has horizontal ruler', 'has horizontal scroller',
+                        'has parent data item', 'has resize indicator',
+                        'has shadow', 'has sub menu', 'has vertical ruler',
+                        'has vertical scroller', 'header cell', 'header view',
+                        'hidden', 'hides when deactivated', 'highlights by',
+                        'horizontal line scroll', 'horizontal page scroll',
+                        'horizontal ruler view', 'horizontally resizable',
+                        'icon image', 'id', 'identifier',
+                        'ignores multiple clicks',
+                        'image( (alignment|dims when disabled|frame style|'
+                            'scaling))?',
+                        'imports graphics', 'increment value',
+                        'indentation per level', 'indeterminate', 'index',
+                        'integer value', 'intercell spacing', 'item height',
+                        'key( (code|equivalent( modifier)?|window))?',
+                        'knob thickness', 'label', 'last( visible)? column',
+                        'leading offset', 'leaf', 'level', 'line scroll',
+                        'loaded', 'localized sort', 'location', 'loop mode',
+                        'main( (bunde|menu|window))?', 'marker follows cell',
+                        'matrix mode', 'maximum( content)? size',
+                        'maximum visible columns',
+                        'menu( form representation)?', 'miniaturizable',
+                        'miniaturized', 'minimized image', 'minimized title',
+                        'minimum column width', 'minimum( content)? size',
+                        'modal', 'modified', 'mouse down state',
+                        'movie( (controller|file|rect))?', 'muted', 'name',
+                        'needs display', 'next state', 'next text',
+                        'number of tick marks', 'only tick mark values',
+                        'opaque', 'open panel', 'option key down',
+                        'outline table column', 'page scroll', 'pages across',
+                        'pages down', 'palette label', 'pane splitter',
+                        'parent data item', 'parent window', 'pasteboard',
+                        'path( (names|separator))?', 'playing',
+                        'plays every frame', 'plays selection only', 'position',
+                        'preferred edge', 'preferred type', 'pressure',
+                        'previous text', 'prompt', 'properties',
+                        'prototype cell', 'pulls down', 'rate',
+                        'released when closed', 'repeated',
+                        'requested print time', 'required file type',
+                        'resizable', 'resized column', 'resource path',
+                        'returns records', 'reuses columns', 'rich text',
+                        'roll over', 'row height', 'rulers visible',
+                        'save panel', 'scripts path', 'scrollable',
+                        'selectable( identifiers)?', 'selected cell',
+                        'selected( data)? columns?', 'selected data items?',
+                        'selected( data)? rows?', 'selected item identifier',
+                        'selection by rect', 'send action on arrow key',
+                        'sends action when done editing', 'separates columns',
+                        'separator item', 'sequence number', 'services menu',
+                        'shared frameworks path', 'shared support path',
+                        'sheet', 'shift key down', 'shows alpha',
+                        'shows state by', 'size( mode)?',
+                        'smart insert delete enabled', 'sort case sensitivity',
+                        'sort column', 'sort order', 'sort type',
+                        'sorted( data rows)?', 'sound', 'source( mask)?',
+                        'spell checking enabled', 'starting page', 'state',
+                        'string value', 'sub menu', 'super menu', 'super view',
+                        'tab key traverses cells', 'tab state', 'tab type',
+                        'tab view', 'table view', 'tag', 'target( printer)?',
+                        'text color', 'text container insert',
+                        'text container origin', 'text returned',
+                        'tick mark position', 'time stamp',
+                        'title(d| (cell|font|height|position|rect))?',
+                        'tool tip', 'toolbar', 'trailing offset', 'transparent',
+                        'treat packages as directories', 'truncated labels',
+                        'types', 'unmodified characters', 'update views',
+                        'use sort indicator', 'user defaults',
+                        'uses data source', 'uses ruler',
+                        'uses threaded animation',
+                        'uses title from previous column', 'value wraps',
+                        'version',
+                        'vertical( (line scroll|page scroll|ruler view))?',
+                        'vertically resizable', 'view',
+                        'visible( document rect)?', 'volume', 'width', 'window',
+                        'windows menu', 'wraps', 'zoomable', 'zoomed']
+    tokens = {
+        'root': [
+            (r'\s+', Text),
+            (ur'¬\n', String.Escape),
+            (r"'s\s+", Text), # This is a possessive, consider moving
+            (r'(--|#).*?$', Comment),
+            (r'\(\*', Comment.Multiline, 'comment'),
+            (r'[\(\){}!,.:]', Punctuation),
+            (ur'(«)([^»]+)(»)',
+             bygroups(Text, Name.Builtin, Text)),
+            (r'\b((?:considering|ignoring)\s*)'
+             r'(application responses|case|diacriticals|hyphens|'
+             r'numeric strings|punctuation|white space)',
+             bygroups(Keyword, Name.Builtin)),
+            (ur'(-|\*|\+|&|≠|>=?|<=?|=|≥|≤|/|÷|\^)', Operator),
+            (r"\b(%s)\b" % '|'.join(Operators), Operator.Word),
+            (r'^(\s*(?:on|end)\s+)'
+             r'(%s)' % '|'.join(StudioEvents),
+             bygroups(Keyword, Name.Function)),
+            (r'^(\s*)(in|on|script|to)(\s+)', bygroups(Text, Keyword, Text)),
+            (r'\b(as )(%s)\b' % '|'.join(Classes),
+             bygroups(Keyword, Name.Class)),
+            (r'\b(%s)\b' % '|'.join(Literals), Name.Constant),
+            (r'\b(%s)\b' % '|'.join(Commands), Name.Builtin),
+            (r'\b(%s)\b' % '|'.join(Control), Keyword),
+            (r'\b(%s)\b' % '|'.join(Declarations), Keyword),
+            (r'\b(%s)\b' % '|'.join(Reserved), Name.Builtin),
+            (r'\b(%s)s?\b' % '|'.join(BuiltIn), Name.Builtin),
+            (r'\b(%s)\b' % '|'.join(HandlerParams), Name.Builtin),
+            (r'\b(%s)\b' % '|'.join(StudioProperties), Name.Attribute),
+            (r'\b(%s)s?\b' % '|'.join(StudioClasses), Name.Builtin),
+            (r'\b(%s)\b' % '|'.join(StudioCommands), Name.Builtin),
+            (r'\b(%s)\b' % '|'.join(References), Name.Builtin),
+            (r'"(\\\\|\\"|[^"])*"', String.Double),
+            (r'\b(%s)\b' % Identifiers, Name.Variable),
+            (r'[-+]?(\d+\.\d*|\d*\.\d+)(E[-+][0-9]+)?', Number.Float),
+            (r'[-+]?\d+', Number.Integer),
+        ],
+        'comment': [
+            ('\(\*', Comment.Multiline, '#push'),
+            ('\*\)', Comment.Multiline, '#pop'),
+            ('[^*(]+', Comment.Multiline),
+            ('[*(]', Comment.Multiline),
+        ],
+    }

File tests/examplefiles/pppoe.applescript

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+tell application "System Events"
+    tell network preferences
+        tell current location
+            set aPPPoEService to a reference to (first service whose kind is 10)
+            if exists aPPPoEService then
+                connect aPPPoEService
+            end if
+        end tell
+    end tell
+end tell

File tests/examplefiles/unicode.applescript

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+set jp to "日本語"
+set ru to "Русский"
+jp & " and " & ru -- returns "日本語 and Русский"