Georg Brandl avatar Georg Brandl committed c55fb79

Robot Framework: fix test suite failre

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     filenames = ['*.txt']
     mimetypes = ['text/x-robotframework']
-    def __init__(self):
-        Lexer.__init__(self, tabsize=2, encoding='UTF-8')
+    def __init__(self, **options):
+        options['tabsize'] = 2
+        options['encoding'] = 'UTF-8'
+        Lexer.__init__(self, **options)
     def get_tokens_unprocessed(self, text):
         row_tokenizer = RowTokenizer()


             'PythonConsoleLexer', 'RConsoleLexer', 'RubyConsoleLexer',
             'SqliteConsoleLexer', 'MatlabSessionLexer', 'ErlangShellLexer',
             'BashSessionLexer', 'LiterateHaskellLexer', 'PostgresConsoleLexer',
-            'ElixirConsoleLexer', 'JuliaConsoleLexer'):
+            'ElixirConsoleLexer', 'JuliaConsoleLexer', 'RobotFrameworkLexer'):
             inst = cls(ensurenl=False)
             ensure(inst.get_tokens('a\nb'), 'a\nb')
             inst = cls(ensurenl=False, stripall=True)
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