Christian Eager avatar Christian Eager committed f2fbf63

Update Objective-C lexer and tests with NSArray, NSDictionary, and NSNumber literals

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                  ('#pop', 'oc_classname')),
                 (r'(@class|@protocol)(\s+)', bygroups(Keyword, Text),
                  ('#pop', 'oc_forward_classname')),
+                (r'@[\[{(]', Punctuation),
             'oc_classname' : [


     NSLog(@"English: %@, Latin: %@", key, [dictionary valueForKey:key]);
+// Literals
+NSArray *a = @[ @"1", @"2" ];
+NSDictionary *d = @{ @"key": @"value" };
+NSNumber *n1 = @( 1 );
+NSNumber *n2 = @( [a length] );
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